Thursday, September 27, 2007

China banned sexually provocative sounds or tantalizing language

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has banned "sexually provocative sounds" on television and pulled the plug on a show reconstructing infamous crimes by women ahead of a major Communist Party meeting next month.

"Commercials containing sexually provocative sounds or tantalizing language as well as vulgar advertisements for breast enhancement and female underwear are banned, effective immediately," said the SARFT notice.
The watchdog also ordered an end to programs with titles including the names of "sex-related drugs, products or medical institutions."Reutercash

What is the tantalizing language in Chinese letter? 欲欲?

[北京 26日 ロイター] 中国の国家ラジオ・映画・テレビ総局(SARFT)は26日、5年に1度の共産党党大会の開催を来月に控え、「性的に挑発的な音」のテレビ放送を禁止した。また女性が犯人の破廉恥な犯罪についての再現番組を打ち切った。  

 SARFTはウェブサイトで「性的なものを連想させる広告やシーン、女性がいかに犯罪に手を染めるかを見せることは、社会にとって有害である」と指摘。犯罪ドキュメンタリー番組「Red Question Mark」の打ち切りに言及した。


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