Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ozawa's strategy

Does Mr. Ozawa think the UN is providing security for Japan against the
North Korean missile threat, keeping the Taiwan Strait in order or is
likely to seat Japan as a permanent member soon? Perhaps the pension
fiasco will bring the DPJ closer to taking power in Japan but I doubt
waving the flag of a "can't do organization" will do so.Jim Auer
NBRvia Komori
Aside from Ozawa, as for the Japan's strategy, I think you have to look at how the US look at the rising China (and Russia) because Japan's strategy depends on it.
What is crucial is that the U.S. will never allow the regional hegemon;The U.S. is neither against/for China nor Japan, but she is against the regional hegemon. As far as China keep militarily growing, I think, to put ecumenically, the U.S. wants to play the blancer.

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