Saturday, August 18, 2007

Korean ultra nationalist's disturbing performance


On Korea's independence day, Korean nationalists act the "performance" in which a Korean person disguised as Japanese emperor in wired , stereotypical Japanese clothes and shoes kneels down in front of the Korean national flag and Koreans are kicking him. And the Korean media just reports it without any criticism.---In Korea, it seems there is no intellectuals who can criticise racism and ultranationalism. Korean ultrannationalism is getting out of hand.


62周年光復節を迎えた 15日午前ソウル日本大使館の前でデハンミングックトックスイムムスヘングザフェ(HID) 所属会員たちが過去日本の過去蛮行を糾弾するパフォーマンスをして集会をしている./キム・ゾンヒョン記者

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