Monday, August 06, 2007

Hiroshima Mayor's bias

Japanese conservatives are angry at Hiroshima's ideological bias.
Komori/Sankei journalis

What are they agnry at?

Not that they are angry at Hirosima's prayer but that they are angry at Hiroshima mayor's statment at the ceremony.

We should clearly say "No" to the U.S.'s wrong and outdated policy.

Their arguement is that granted Hiroshima has a right to speak for the abolishment of
nuclear weapon, why not tell it to North Korea and China to do so too.

Very roughly speaking, Akiba, the mayor of Hiroshima is the leftist, and Japanese leftist are tilted against the U.S. and for China and Korea. The conservative are for the U.S. execept for the extreme rightist like Kobayashi.
IMO, Komori is such pro-Amrerican that he wanted to blame China for the resolution 121. (It was ironical that the most angry Japanese who opposed the U.S. representative's resolution 121 were those pro-USA concervatives.)

As for me, not that I am opposed to China and Korea per se but I am sick and tired of "human activists" and the leftists who turn a blind eye on the crimes that have been happening in China and Korea.

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