Thursday, August 23, 2007

I don't like illegal gaijin smash

you don't have to pay the ticket price. Just Gaijin Smash this dude. ....The girlfriend is amazed. "Wow, you just rode all the way to the airport and back, totally for free! And just because you're a Gaijin?! Man, I wish I was a Gaijin..."
gaijin smashcash

I don't like it. "It is just a cheat on his train fare, some Japanese also do it." you might say. But Japanese or not, it IS illegal, and he used a gaijin smash, and that will work for the negative image of Gaijin. His girlfriend is stupid. Why didn't she warn him? Sure it is wrong to generalize from this case all gaijin , or all the black people cheat on their fare, but that's how stereotype will spread.
Besides, it might be even possible that the police will find the blog and arrest him.
I am a big fan of his blog, but this is wrong.

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