Thursday, February 01, 2007

A trash magazine.

Japan probe has started the movement towards boycotting family Mart, which is selling this magazine. I think this is a good move. People need to know that many people are offended by this kind of magazine and racism is utterly groundless.
And this is the right way because it is not the government but people who voice against it. Good luck!!
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Debito picked up the magazine called "the crime of foreigners in Japan, don't let the foreigners invade Japan".
Now, this is obviously a trash. And I am not sure I have something to talk about the trash except that Japanese society need to grow mature enough to frown on the shops that sell this kind of books and ridicule this kind of book.
I don't claim that we should legally ban this kind of book because I don't want some privileged people to judge what a trash is, but we need to put the trash in trash can.
There will be some idiots forever, but I don't care if they look into the trash can as long as the society are ordered so that trash is put in the trash can.

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