Thursday, February 15, 2007

India and Australia, Welcome!!!

THE deal struck in Beijing this week, which is supposed to end up in the denuclearisation of North Korea, is no cause for celebration. To the contrary, it is likely to detract from Australia's security.
That's because this deal is likely to erode Japan's willingness to rely on the US for its nuclear security, and thus strengthen the hand of those in Tokyo who say that Japan needs its own nuclear deterrent

Robyn Lim: Japan caught in US-Korea nuclear net
"It is not desirable for ties between Japan and the United States to be adversely affected" by demanding that Japan do what it has already done, Kato told a news conference.Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007

U.S. resolution on sex slave apology bad for ties: Kato

Hmmm the US-Japan relation will be worsen unless handled carefully.

India, Japan can rule Asia, post-CEPA
Hmmm, after all , I have had all the respects for the rich Indian culture and Indian residents in Japan are polite and open. Come to think of it, the India has a technology of nuclear weapon. Maybe we can learn each other.

Does this come down to the conclusion thatIndia and Japan and Australia have the interest in common?

It seems many Japanese has begun to share the similiar concern.See
The Japanese rightist

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