Friday, February 09, 2007

Korean sarcastic manga about itself..


Dr, Japan. the story of plagiarizing Japanese products

It is shame but we have to point out Koreans plagiarize Japanese products.
Let's have a meeting,
When Korean company develops new product, it is said it starts with buying all the related products in Japan.
Hmm, Which one will we plagiarize?
When the target is decided, there is no hesitation to plariarize at random.

"Isn't is a bran new package?"


We live surrounded by Japanese products from clothings to foods, from architectural products to culture.

"Get out of here pro-Japanese Koreans!!!

This is a plagiarism
This one is also ......

It is somehow pathetic to see people burning Japanese flag.
(note I didn't write it-;it is a translation for 可愛そう --it zero)
Is Korea changing?
On one outspoken Korean music producer who criticized Korean media for fanning nationalism,Asian pages wrote,
Let’s just watch and see if he still has a career in Korea now…

Should i be worried about the author of this manga?


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Thanks for the translations.

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