Friday, February 23, 2007

A Plague Upon Kawashima by Daniel Barenblatt

Daniel Barenblatt is quoted as saying that he can tell Ms Watkins was telling a lie by her face.
A blogger quoted the comment from an anonymous person that he can tell Daniel Barenblatt was telling a lie by his face. I hope the blogger was not misquoting.

There are some insightful comments on Occidentalism.
1) Why is it that " Mr. Barenblatt is more angry at this website than the Korean media, which misquoted him, and he would not have known it without this website".?
(He called the site that translated Korean articles into English "trash", "foolish". Unfortunately the other posts, however one evaluates them, has nothing to do with the issue, and attacking irrelevant things was exactly the way Korean media and Daniel Barenblatt attacked Kawashima.)

2)Was Mr. Barenblatt's father a communist who committed the genocide ? because "his father was involved with communist groups even *after* the truth of communist genocide had been exposed."
“As to whether” communist groups ” suspicions are true, I don’t know at this point. There are some odd omissions and apparent contradictions that have come up as to” his ” father’s identity and they do warrant some further research if only to clear the air.”
It might be good point to make him realise what he has done to Kawashima Watkins.
Another insight into the incident at occidentalism
"On one hand, he is very angry at the damage that has been done to his reputation. But on the other hand, he cannot demand an apology or say nasty things to the parties responsible because the parties responsible are from the very side which he is trying to support!"

We know how Korean ultra-nationalists are like; they keep on talking about Nanjing massacre, the unit 731, which have little to do with the Korean colonization, and comfort women etc to express their hatred.(If you are not familiar with them, just google)
Kawashima's book "So Far from the Bamboo Grove" has become a prey to them.
(The book used to be evaluated positively by some Koreans.)
Korean ultra nationalists is trying to degrade her book by alleging that his father was a leading member of the Unit 731 without basis. This is an cruel project. Kawashima, and her book have nothing to do with the unit 731.
Now, surprisingly Daniel Barenblatt, the author of A Plague Upon humanity, joined this insane project.
Daniel Barenblatt was asked to evaluate the book, and he asked a question about her father at the press conference and he evaluated her book negatively for a textbook to be used at school.
He said on his own blog, "There are some odd omissions and apparent contradictions that have come up as to her father’s identity"Dan's blog/February 22, 2007

Daniel Barenblatt complains he was misquoted by Korean media. Korean media was talking as if there was a good possibility that the allegation was correct, but Daniel Barenblatt said on his blog,

I don't think that one can say definitively at this time, based on what has been publicly presented.

And he also said,
I am calling for an immediate retraction and correction from whoever is responsible, whether it be Yonhap or the website

But.....this is important...but Daniel Barenblatt is doing nothing against the media in question, leaving Ms Watkins " plagued " with Korean ultra nationalists, leaving the comment on occidentalism and on his own blog. that
There are some odd omissions and apparent contradictions that have come up as to her father's identity, and they do warrant some further research if only to clear the airlink

Asked if he was paid for what he said on this matter.
“Are you being paid for your efforts to find out if Ms. Wat-kin's father was a part of Unit 731?”
—Gerry-Bevers, did you change that? Anonymous “Ponta” originally phrased this as: “Did you receive money in relation to this from Korean people?” So you dropped the KOREAN PEOPLE part. Now why did you do that, the alert reader may wonder …occidentalism

Well the alert reader wonders why he evaded the question.

I am not sure how much he was involved in this cruel project.
But I hope he will respond sincerely and until then, it seem the debaters on military crimes had better not quote from his book; you will be bashed for citing from the unreliable book----You might be claimed that the author you are citing might have been paid for what he wrote and he is the one who degrades an innocent old lady by an irrelevant topic and never express the apology for what he had done but just evade the issue etc.----Of course, his book has nothing to do with this incident, but Alas, that's how the world goes around and Daniel Barenblatt seems to be quite happy with that.


Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to ask if his
father was a leading member of the communists who committed genocide when someone debates with him, in order to make him realize what he has
done to Ms, Watkins.

Anonymous said...

If what he is saying is true, it should be a big news in Korea, because it is totally fabrication according to this guy.
I have a feeling that Korean bloggers
do not blog this news because they don't believe this guy.

Anonymous said...

This guy is disgusting.
Check his father's job. He must have been a spy or something.

Anonymous said...

I really hope he will apologize to kawashima.

Anonymous said...

He might have been trapped but he could have make it clear that it was disgusting to evaluate Yoko's book by
picking up his father's job, especially when Koreans and Dan has no evidence for the allegation.
It is disgusting!!!