Friday, February 16, 2007

Gaijin Chaser

In my humble opinion, when it comes to Gaijin and Japanese girls, there are three different types of girls.

Type 1 - Would not date a Gaijin for a variety of reasons. Language barrier of course, the somewhat true reality that most Gaijin do not end up living in Japan for the rest of their lives, and she may not particularly want to leave. Also, parents may not consent. She will marry Japanese and become a housewife.

Type 2 - Doesn't particularly think to date Gaijin, but is not opposed to the idea. May be reluctant to date Gaijin for many of the same reasons that Type 1 is opposed, but will be willing to give it a shot at least, perhaps if her English ability is okay/the Gaijin can speak some Japanese.

Type 3 - Prefers/actively seeks out Gaijin. Sometimes, a girl who has been abroad and seen how the world outside of Japan works, may not be able to easily return to Japan's rigid and old-fashioned system. So, this particular girl may be more suited to date Gaijin. However, that's sort of a minority within the Type 3. A lot of Type 3's just want to date Gaijin for the "cool" image. Therefore, as long as he's foreign, any guy will do. Many are looking for free English lessons. Others are looking for free plane trips overseas.

I'd say the majority of girls in Japan are Type 1/2. Type 3 is definitely the minority, but to us Gaijin they can be easily found because they often seek us out. These girls are also the most dangerous if you're looking to seriously date, and many a Gaijin male have had their hearts broken by Type 3's. ...Myself included.

The girls who do the Gaijin Test Drive (take the BMW out for a spin, but with no intention to buy - they've got a Toyota at home) are predominantly Type 3, but occasionally you get some Type 2 mixed in, and even sometimes Type 1Gaijin Smash

I am not familiar with women who chase foreigners exclusively, but I guess it might be accurate.

Well you might be another charismaman.

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Anonymous said...

You assume that the gaijin is a native English speaker, and that they know very little Japanese. Otherwise though, I'd say you're spot on.