Friday, May 26, 2006


Dressed in traditional clothes, Japanese girls play house in front of a clothing store while Korean toddlers dressed in Korean skirts and coats look on.
The University of Southern California’s library website features some 150 pictures taken by the Rev. Corwin Taylor and his wife Nellie Blood-Taylor, who worked as missionaries in Korea from 1908 through 1922 May.25,2006chosun libo

Japanese girls and Koreans girls were getting along well with each other.
Do Korean people forget that?
Why is it they don't emphasize this aspect of Japan-Korea relations?

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Mr. Ballistic said...

Cute photo

Why is it so many Zainichi refuse full Japanese citizenship? Is there some tax benefit or legal immunity? In the USA it is often a real pain being a legal alien , with paperwork and frequent fees. Do many Zainich resent being Japanese that much?