Friday, May 26, 2006

Korea/culture of hate

Roh, whom Noh and Nosamo love so dearly, has defined this nation as one where “justice failed and only opportunism thrived.” It is people with such a mindset who have sown the seeds of hatred for the three years they have ruled the country, and the seeds are sprouting relentlessly in every sector of society, from schools to factories.

“What we wanted to achieve by voting for Ron Moo-hyun was to stop the vicious cycle of hatred,” Noh tells us. Yet when we see the pot call the kettle black in such a manner without shame, it is hard not to feel that our society has become so distorted that we have lost our way back to normalitychosun libo


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genebko said...

Is this comment anti-Korean?

And then, define "normality"