Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Japan/the u.s./investment

TOKYO — For U.S. companies doing business in Asia, fast-growing China and India generate plenty of headlines and hype. For actual profits, neglected old Japan remains a better bet by far.

"In terms of profitability, Japan is the best-kept secret in the world," says Jesper Koll, chief economist at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities.

U.S. companies earned nearly $11 billion in Japan last year, more than double what they could muster in China ($3.3 billion) and India ($1.2 billion) combined, according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.usa today


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Mr. Ballistic said...

I had a customer who made very expensive sound equipment for hollywood stars. He had just outsourced his factory to China a couple of years ago. He was making speakers at 1/10 the cost of making them in Germany/USA. But the Chinese company kept cheating him on the little things and corruption was bad. But every time he went to China they treated him like a big CEO so he stuck with them. This guy was making thousands of dollars an hour and he kept getting poorer every time I came to his house. Last time I checked this poor guy was living with his parents again.

So much for getting rich quick in China.