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Takeshima/dokdo 1883 document (j) illegal Japanese

Although the Korean government did not wish to allow the presence of Japanese on Ulleungdo (but they never checked out the island until 1882), the islanders seemed to have been getting along quite fine with each other, before 1882. The islanders and their leader seemed to not have considered the Japanese on the island as poachers.

There is a Japanese document titled “Report of a secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs Higaki Naoe who made an official trip to Ullung-do in Korea” which can be found at JACAR. Higaki had received orders from the Japanese government to go to Ulleungdo in 1883 and round up all Japanese on the island, in response to a complaint field by the Korean government that Japanese were conducting illegal lumbering on Ulleungdo. (A fact probably discovered by the 1882 inspection by Lee Gyun-yon.) It seems the men of both countries were getting along very well and wept when they were upon their parting like brothers or best friends. The Korean islanders (a little over 60 in all) seemed to have had been heavily dependent on the Japanese (who counted about 150) for their living. Thus they were horrified to hear that the Japanese were all leaving. Especially, they had just experienced a bad season and the horrible typhoon season had nearly cut off all travel between Ulleungdo and the Korean peninsula, the departing Japanese leave what food they have for the Koreans and the island leader also come to Higaki asking to loan him some food to prevent the remaining Koreans from starving to death, so Higakai gives them some rice from his private stock. A different document shows that Higaki was later compensated for the rice he gave the Koreans by the Japanese government, for the reason that the act could be considered the official duty of a Japanese policeman, since he wan in Ulleungdo under orders.

Report of a secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs Higaki Naoe who made an official trip to Ullung-do in Korea
Japan Center for Asian Historical Records
Reference code: A03023617600, Nov. 12, 1883
抑も朝鮮國人民ノ此島ニ在ル者嶋長ヲ併セ大凢六十余 其ノ状態ヲ察スルニ陰ニ御國人民ノ供給ヲ仰キ生計ヲ營ム者ニ似タリ 故ニ今回御國人民ノ帰國ヲ聴クヤ愁容表ニ溢レ哀情甚タ切ニ殆ド兄弟親友ニ別ルガ如ク 或ハ行李ヲ擔ヒ或ハ荷物ヲ負ヒテ海岸マテ送リ来レリ 御國人民モ亦タ別レヲ惜ミ且差向キ其ノ窮困ヲ憐察シ私ニ米若干包ヲ恵恤セシト云フ 其相親睦セル斯ノ如キヲ以テ島長ノ他ハ御國人民ノ伐木スルヲ以テ敢テ意ニ介セス 島長モ亦之ヲ盗伐視セスシテ其ノ既ニ伐木セシ木材ハ随意ニ本國ニ搭載シ帰ルヲ許可セリ(第一号参看) 以テ彼我ノ間ヲ推スルニ足レリ 将ニ蔚陵島ヲ発セントスルニ先タチ島長某其書記某ト共ニ本船ニ来リ請フテ曰ク朝鮮國人ノ島ニ在ル者ハ大凢六十名糧食絶ノ之命且夕ニ迫レリ 殊ニ時季風濤暴激ノ候ニ際しシ本國トノ航海ヲ為ス能ハス 願クハ米若干包ヲ恩貸セラレタシト因テ其事實ヲ推窮シ白米四斗二升俵廿五包ヲ恵恤ス(別紙第五号中丙号ニアリ)午後五時山三十分蔚陵島ヲ解纜シ同十五午後二時赤間関ニ着シ即時山口縣令ノ人民交附ノ義電信ヲ以テ照會ニ及ヒ搭載シ来リタル人民ハ上陸ヲ許サス two cents

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