Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Foreign labor in Japan

Debito has added Asia Pacific University to his blacklist of Japanese Universities that foreigners would probably not want to work for. Debito
Isshyokikaku used to accuse Japanese university of Academic incest:Japanese university tend to employ only its pupil as a professor. I deeply agree. Japanese
university should be more open to variety of talented people from Japan, from abroad.
And the law applied to them should be the same one.

Japan's population started declining in 2005, but in contrast, registered foreigners soared to a record high 2.01 million, a leap from 1.36 million a decade ago and accounting for 1.57 percent of the nation's total population.Japan times

It is inevitable that more and more foreigners are coming to work in Japan; Japan needs them. If so she needs to prepare it.
"Japanese were very closed to foreigners, especially Asians," Ma said, recalling how difficult it was to land a part-time job just because she was not Japanese
"I came to realize that even if you are a foreigner and a woman, Japanese will accept you if you continue to make efforts to meet your target." She also feels that being a foreigner helped because she was unshackled by old business traditions.

On the other hand,
Foreign trainees facing chronic abuses
Firms refuse to stop exploiting interns as cheap labor, leading many to quit

Foreign trainees facing chronic abuses
Firms refuse to stop exploiting interns as cheap labor, leading many to quitJapan times/Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2007

Cheaper labour force is okay. But let's be fair.
Taking advantage of Japanese work-ethics, Japanese companies often use Japanese employee for free. But that does not work for people from abroad. Just set up the strict law that is beneficial for both Japanese and foreigners and make sure it is in fact working.
Probably there will be a lot of conflicts Japanese companies have never experienced, but that is the challenge the aging society like Japan has to face. The problem might differ from case to case, and we need to look into details in each case, but let's not get trapped in nationalism and let's be fair. It is a fair society that will survive and will be stable after all.


James said...

So, do you think if I wanted to become a university professor in Japan, I should attend graduate school at the institution in which I wish to teach?

zero said...

Not necessarily. There are some factions among scholars, like tokyo university faction, waseda faction. And professors from ,say, Tokyo university are everywhere in Japanese university, and the professor from the same faction will invite his junior to the post of his university. So practically speaking if you want to teach in a specific university, the best thing you can do is to go to the graduate school of Tokyo university, and become familiar with the professor of the university where you want to teach.
Doctor degree at non-famous university means a little. There are chances for those who got a doctor degree at such a school but at the same time, there are a lot of people with a doctor degree who teach at Juku because there are no university post for them.
(But this is the story when I was students, nonetheless, considering Isshokikaku used to accuse "academic incest" a few years ago, I think it still holds.)