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The objective history received a great hit in China

"About 150 years ago, Japan, an island nation, found itself in a fateful crisis under the threat of Western colonialists. Japan turned this crisis into a historical opportunity to discard the old and regenerate itself and thereby built Asia's first modern nation."

Thus began the opening narration of a TV program broadcast last autumn by China Central Television, the country's leading network. It was the seventh installment of a documentary series entitled "Rise of the great powers" in modern times.

The objective viewpoint that set the series apart from traditional history programs shown on Chinese TV attracted much public attention.

The section on Japan, titled "100-Year Restoration," went to great lengths to explain the "Iwakura mission," a nearly two-year journey through the United States and Europe by Meiji Restoration statesman Iwakura Tomomi and the work of new nation building. After describing Japan's attempts to become an affluent military power through its invasion of Asian nations, the broadcast concentrated on Japan's postwar development. It showed how Japan, ruled by a Constitution that gives sovereignty to the people and renounces war, re-emerged as a major power by building on strengths developed since the Meiji Restoration of 1868.

The program may signal a newfound willingness by China to judge Japan as it really is. This was unimaginable just a few years ago when anti-Japanese demonstrations were raging in major cities across the nation.01/13/2007Asahi

This is a good news.
However another newspaper* has a different perspective. A journalist of Sankei asks why this program was such a bit hit.
Yes, it might be a manifestation of Chinese confidence in the recent success of Chinese development as a big nation.

But, it might also be a manifestation of a fret that she had no choice but to learn
from other countries to deal with serious social conflicts she is facing.

Or is it a manifestation of the will of expansionism China is advancing with military build-up and a disguised colonialism over Africa, leaning from the past colonialism?

I just can not simply pleased with this news, hearing Chinese say "The next conqueror is China"

Hmmm...what do you think?










12/24 /産経新聞

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