Friday, June 16, 2006


(CBS/AP) North Korea's steps toward test-firing an intercontinental missile are bringing sudden attention to the most-neglected member of President Bush's "axis of evil." The test could jeopardize disarmament talks and create a new nuclear crisis in the region.

"There is nothing more lethal than a country like North Korea having a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead on it," Wendy Sherman, former adviser to President Clinton on North Koreabs, told Martin.
Officials in Japan and the United States have said that the North Korean government appears to be stepping up preparations to test a long-range Taepondong-2 missile and that a test may be imminent. Such a missile could potentially reach parts of the United States.CBS

北朝鮮が弾道ミサイル発射準備を進めているとみられる中、南北首脳会談6周年行事のため韓国を訪れている北朝鮮の美女公演団が公演日程を終え、17日、帰国の途に就いた・・・・ 美女に魅了された木浦市民は、ミサイルの脅威はそれほど気にならないようだった。韓国市民からは「国民の心をこの公演のように表現できるのだから、安心していいと思う」、「(北朝鮮がミサイルを発射するとは)思えない」などといった声が聞かれた。  [17日8時21分更新]FNN


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