Sunday, June 04, 2006


TSUSHIMA, Nagasaki Prefecture--It's not Japan-South Korea relations that are a mess.

The beaches of Tsushima island just 50 kilometers from South Korea are strewn with garbage.
Since a lot of the bottles and wrappers had Korean writing on them, officials assume the flotsam is drifting over from South Korea.05/31/2006



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Christopher said...

Hello, Zero.

I was made aware of your blog through the blog.

I have been visiting your blog for the past couple of weeks, reading and re-reading all of your posts. I must say that you have a very interesting blog and you have made some very good points. I really do like your blog. The only problem I have with your blog is the Japanese. It's too advanced for me!!!

Anyway, covered the story about South Korean tourists and their behavior while they visit Tsushima. I'm not too sure if you are aware of that. At the blog there is a link to the original broadcast made by NTV news. I've seen the broadcast and I've read an English translation of the broadcast over at the Japan Probe blog. The story isn't very pretty. It would be interesting to know what your comments are in regards to the report by NTV.

Based upon what I saw, I found the South Koreans behavior disgusting. The South Korean tourists were rude and crass. They wouldn't ever act like that in their own country. That is a fact.

In a related article, there was an article in the Daily Yomiuri about how South Korean fishermen routinely break the law by fishing illegally in Japanese waters, especially in and around Tsushima and in the Liancourt Rocks area. I'll try to send you the link to the article if you want. It's fairly disturbing if true.

What really disturbs me about the whole thing is the following question I have for you:

When is Japan going to start standing up for itself? When is Japan going to stop turning a blind eye towards the constant rude and crass behavior from South Koreans?

It seems to me that South Koreans are very much abusing the goodwill that Japanese people are trying to show them. People in Japan need to put aside the "Winter Sonata" fantasies about South Korea and properly view what is really going on.

What do you think?