Saturday, March 25, 2006

The future-oriented relation with Korea

I've found an interesting blog today by a Korean person.
The following article is very future-oriented.It suggests very promising way Japan and Korea should go.
2. Japan

Korea had most difficult relationship with Japan than any other country because of repeated invasions from the country. Japanese colonization is remembered as the most humiliating moment of Korean history.

In spite of the grudge, Japan has been an ally rather than an enemy since the restoration of diplomatic relationship in 1965. Japan helped Korean economic development by providing technical assistance. In turn Korea has become one of largest markets for Japanese companies resulting in ever worsening trade deficit in Korean side. Cultural exchange is also remarkable. Even before the lifting of ban on Japanese cultural products, Japanese popular culture such as video games, fashion and animations were popular among Koreans. Recently Japanese novels gained a strong foothold among young Korean readers. With the hit of Korean soap drama, Winter Sonata, Japan became the first buyer of Korean dramas. Co-hosting of World Cup games and airing of Korean dramas in Japan helped to balance the cultural exchange between two countries.

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All we need is a rational discussion.

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Kushibo said...

Thanks for the link.

I, too, think Korea and Japan should be far better friends than Roh and Koizumi have made them.

We need to go back to the forward-looking spirit of Keizo Obuchi and Kim Daejung, back in 1998.