Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Culture of comfort women still alive in Korea

U.S. Still Rates S.Korea as Sex Tourism Destination

The U.S. Congressional Research Service still rates South Korea as a major Asian destination for organized sex tours in a recent report entitled "Trafficking in Persons: U.S. Policy and Issues for Congress.魚拓

Korean sex workers are moving abroad after new anti-prostitution laws made the world’s oldest profession more difficult at home, police say.
They are heading for the U.S., Canada and Australia, but some settle for countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan better known for export rather than import of sex workers. In North America, they apparently work in smaller cities and towns as well as big urban centers like Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Toronto. Hong Kong and Europe have recently been added to the list of destinations魚拓

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