Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Japanese comfort women

Fucked Gaijin
"Do you need a moose?" A moose* was a kept girl. Not a street whore, but one who was maintained by a soldier and (supposedly) slept with only him. There were advantages to such a set up. I said, having been several months without female companionship, "Yes, I do." He said that his moose had a girlfriend who needed a Sergeant, and would I like to go meet her that night. I told him that I didn't have a uniform, that what I was wearing was all I had to the world, and he said he would get me a uniform. So less than 24 hours out of Korea, I was in the arms of a pretty Japanese girl, and sipping on Asahi beer. I thought, life ain't all bad. I didn't stay with her long, though, because I was more of a rogue than I was a steady man...

Do you say that is different from comfort women?

Do you remember the former Korean comfort women who fell in love with Kamikaze pilot?
Hey, what is the difference?

Japan used the local agents to recruit the women. In Korea most of the agents were Koreans.
The U.S used the local agents to recruit the women. In Japan the agents were Japanese .
Did the US order Japan to recruit the women. Hell, no. She blackmailed Japan to do so.

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