Friday, October 19, 2007

A Filipino comfort woman's lonely protest

When she got to the club, she learned that it was a place of prostitution for GIs. She would even have to service Koreans looking for “2-cha” (i.e., sex). After about a month, she left the club, and drifted from job to job, including a stint at a food product factory, before meeting the GI. The two would live together, and she would have his son.

The soldier would get a US passport for his son, but in the meantime, he left the mother for another Filipina.Hankyore

via Marmot
Explaining her case, she said she wants to make US soldiers realize that they mustn’t have sex with women and leave them without fulfilling their duties. She wants to do this, she said, because many US soldiers are doing just that.

So far, no human right activists who worked for the Korean comfort women under Japanese rule demand apology from the U.S. and Korean governments.

Mr. Robert Koehler, the writer/translater of this article , who vehemently criticised Japan for the similar case during WWⅡ, has made no comment on it so far.
This is a story from Korea.

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