Sunday, September 17, 2006

Korea/independence fighter

When she spoke, she showed deep sorrow and anger. She is the eldest granddaughter of Heo Wi, known as Wangsan (1854-1908), who was a leader of a citizens’ army that fought against colonialist Japan. She is Heo Ro-ja, 80, a second-generation Korean living in Uzbekistan, and the oldest survivor of the Heo clan.
Heo visited the Korean embassy in Uzbekistan in the middle of last year and demanded the compensation the Korean government gives to the families of former pro-independence activists, but her demand was "ignored." After visiting the embassy twice, she has not visited it again and has ceased contact with it, said niece Choi Nathalia, 49, her voice trembling. hankyore

I someitmes hear Korean people talking proudly about independence fighter, I was not sure what they meant, now I understand they were talking about the fighter before 1910.
From what I heard, there are no Korean hero during the colonization, because the leaders of 3.1 movement more or less turned to be pro-Japanese. Is that true?

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