Sunday, September 24, 2006


Chinese riot following teacher's death

By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 11, 1:44 PM ET

SHANGHAI, China - Crowds angered by alleged police mishandling of a school teacher's death attacked government offices in a southern Chinese city last week, sparking arrests and beatings by riot troops, newspapers and a local hospital said Monday.

Students and local residents of Rui'an's Tangxia township claimed police falsified a report and colluded with the husband of high school English teacher Dai Haijing, 30, to have her death classified as a suicide, according to Hong Kong newspapers Ta Kung Pao and The South China Morning Post.

The demonstrators also staged a protest at the husband's factory where they damaged cars and other property.

The protests reflect widespread perceptions that China's weak and largely opaque legal system is tainted by communist officials' abuse of power and susceptible to influence by the country's newly moneyed






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