Friday, February 29, 2008

Japan lost to Korea

Last December, Chinese Internet's community conducted the poll.
Here is some interesting result.

Out 20 neighboring counrties, which country do you like most?

1 Pakistan
2 Russia
3 Japan

Out 20 neighboring counrties, which country do you dislike most

1 Korea
2 Japan
3 Indonesia

We have contradictory attitude toward Japan. Historicaly we have reason to hate her, but there are a lot of things to lean from Japan. ....I can't respect Korea, despite the fact she is influenced by China and Japan, she is ultranationalistic, .... arrogant.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The film"the most beautiful night in the world"




A new entertainment film trying to stop the low birth rate will come out. The most beautiful night in the world is it;it is about the mysterious Japanese village where the birth rate is highest. The hightlight is the scene where 25 cuples are making love. This is unique perspective that we've never known. The ministry of Cultural Affairs supports it

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Japanese people have started donation for Korean national treasure, "Namdaemun

People working for preservation of Himeji castle are raising funds for Namdaemun, a national treasure of Korea, which was burnt down by arson, saying that as one who feel obligation to preserve national treasure, it is not someone else's affair.

韓国:南大門焼失 復興募金を 姫路城登閣口に支援箱 /兵庫





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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let's play fair, China

Japan beat hosts China in East Asian football

I don't care which wins, but China, let's play fair.
Japanese flag was set on fire while the plastic bottles and booing were aimed at the visitors.

中国ラフプレー問題、罰金4500ドル サッカー日本戦



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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Interview with Gerry On Sanin Ctyuou shinpou

HT to a reader.

The excessive anti-Japan movement that took place on March 2005 in Korea has died down now. Shimane prefecture established "the day of Takeshima that year.
Mr. Gerry Beaver, a teacher of English at the University near Seoul, who studies the history of Takeshima analyzes the change as follows.

" I think part of the reason for that is that many Koreans have turned their
attention toward China and the historical disagreements that exist between
China and Korea, but I also think that the Korean government has realized
that talking about the history of Takeshima (Dokdo) has done more harm than
good since the history supports Japan's claims on Takeshima."

He posted articles on the Internet about the Korean old documents and maps that were not in favor of Korean claim, which led him to get fired from the university last year.

" I now have a teaching job at another Korean university that I am very
satisfied with. I enjoy living in Korea because Koreans are very friendly
people, but the problem is that Koreans seem to think that anyone who
disagrees with them on Dokdo (Takeshima) are anti-Korean. That is simply not

Lee Myung-bak will take office as new President on 25th of the next February. He
will place more importance upon the relation with Japan.

" I think Lee Myung-bak is a pragmatic politician that wants to improve
relations with Japan, and will, therefore, try to avoid making Takeshima
(Dokdo) an issue by continuing to pretend that there is no dispute with
Japan over the islets. However, there are still anti-Japanese groups in
Korea that he may sometimes have to appease in someway, so the issue may
still come up."

While anti-Japan movement has died down, Korea still seems to assert her claims on
Takeshima by doing such things as sitting up polling booths,
. On the other hand, Japanese government hasn't done anything to speak of.

"There are hardcore anti-Japan advocates in Korea.

Old documents and maps clearly support Japan’s historical claims on
Takeshima, so the Japanese government needs to stop being so passive about
this issue and start translating and writing the books and brochures that
will prove their claims to the world because I am almost positive that
Korean historians will continue to distort the facts to support their false
claims. However, telling the truth about the history and settling the
dispute are two different things."

Gerry has studied the history of takehsima for 3 years since he felt something wrong with anti-Japan sentiments in Korea.
He is confident that there is no evidence that Takeshima belongs Korean territory.

" I have pretty much answered all the questions I had about the
Takeshima-Dokdo issue, so I am not really doing any new research right now.
What I want to do now is to review and organize the information I do have
because I am thinking about writing a book. I think I have learned the truth
about Takeshima, and I want others to know it, too. "

Florida--Metal in Candy imported from China

Lakeland, FL (AHN) - Shards of metal were discovered in about 20 lollipops at a local elementary school in Lakeland, Florida.

The metal, found inside Pokemon valentine lollipops purchased at a Dollar General, was discovered at the Kathleen Elementary School Thursday afternoon.

According to ABC News, the blades were first found by a mother whose child was eating the lollipop discovered the metal inside her child's candy. According to the woman, she bought the candy from the Dollar General Store a week ago.

The candy was turned over to local detectives Wednesday. The metal was found in only one of the entire bag of lollipops.

The additional tainted candies found in the elementary school were discovered the day after.

Dollar General announced Thursday that they have removed all "Pokemon 10 Valentine Cards and Pops" from the store shelves all over the country.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the product was imported from China by Sherwood Brands in Maryland.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally arrested

Arrests made in death of sumo wrestler

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Masanori Fujii, one of three arrested wrestlers, enters Inuyama Police Station in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, on Thursday.

NAGOYA--A former sumo stablemaster was arrested Thursday on suspicion of assault resulting in the death of a 17-year-old wrestler in June, police said.

The former Tokitsukaze stablemaster, whose real name is Junichi Yamamoto, was arrested along with three wrestlers from the stable over the death of Tokitaizan, whose real name was Takashi Saito, after apparent hazing. The three wrestlers are Yuichiro Izuka, 25 (known as Doto), Masanori Fujii, 22 (Tokiomaru), Masakazu Kimura, 24 (Akiyutaka).

Yamamoto, 57, became the first person to be arrested over a sumo-related incident that took place when he was a stablemaster.

According to the Aichi prefectural police and Inuyama Police Station, Yamamoto, the three arrested wrestlers and four others assaulted Saito during training sessions between 12:40 p.m. on June 25 and 11:30 a.m. on June 26 at the stable's temporary lodgings in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, where they were staying ahead of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament. Saito collapsed after full-contact practice called butsukarigeiko on June 26. He was sent to the hospital but died later the same day.

Yamamoto allegedly hit Saito over the head with a beer bottle on June 25 after the wrestler tried to flee the stable's lodgings. Yamamoto also allegedly told the three wrestlers to assault Saito. During the butsukarigeiko, he allegedly hit Saito with a wooden stick.

According to the police, Yamamoto admitted to hitting Saito with a beer bottle, but he denied it was because Saito had tried to escape. Yamamoto also denied having instructed the wrestlers to assault Saito.

Izuka and Fujii basically admitted to the allegations, but Kimura said he believed he was disciplining Saito.

The police plan to send papers on four other wrestlers suspected of taking part in the assault.

The police initially said Saito died from illness, but an autopsy at Niigata University found he died from traumatic shock. Later, an examination by Nagoya University specialists of Saito's body tissue also found a connection between the assault and his death.

Butsukarigeiko involves a wrestler repeatedly pushing an inert opponent, who is in a brace position, across the ring. It is designed to build stamina and usually occurs at the end of training sessions. Normally lasting for a maximum of five minutes, it is not uncommon for wrestlers to vomit after such training. Police say Saito was forced to undergo the training for about 30 minutes.

Yamamoto was dismissed by the Japan Sumo Association in October over the scandal.

JSA Chairman Kitanoumi lamented the arrest of Yamamoto and the three others Thursday night. "It's so regrettable that sumo wrestlers have been arrested," Kitanoumi said at a press conference held at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The chairman said he hoped the four would cooperate with the police investigation. Referring to a possible punishment by the JSA on the four, he said, "We'll take measures that we think necessary while looking at a future judicial judgment."

He added that the JSA committee set up after the incident to examine ways to prevent a recurrence will take measures to handle the case.
(Feb. 8, 2008)


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