Monday, October 29, 2007

The decline of American Empire

The embassy had paid the Japanese government an annual 2.5 million yen ($21,897) for the 13,000-square-meter plot in the Akasaka district of Minato Ward in the central part of the capital.

But in 1998, the Japanese government proposed to gradually raise the rent to around 10 times that level.

Washington strongly objected, and has since refused to pay anything. Asahicashe

Sir, I know a friend who has a cheaper building for rent. Are you interested in that?

Don't worry JSDF has Gundam.

Toward the realizaion of Gundam (研究発表会プログラム(PDF)】)

Not only that, Japan hast kinetic missile


Saturday, October 27, 2007

S. Korea to apologize to Japan for Kim Dae Jung abduction


A team play with the U.S.

As for Mr. Ozawa, if Americans would listen carefully to his arguments, they would find that he seeks to expand, not contract, Japan's global security role.
csmonitor com
I think he is quite right about Ozawa

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nationalism is China's new ideology

On the practical level, western countries have to decide how hard a line to take when China threatens Taiwan, or Russia squeezes Georgia. How much of a fuss should we make about human rights?

It is too soon to answer these questions definitively. China and Russia once again pose an ideological challenge to the west. But authoritarian nationalism, backed by massive foreign reserves, may turn out to be simply a phase on the long march to liberal democracy. Or it may turn out to be something more durable – and Orwellian.FT


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Looks happy.

Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan's new promotional girl Yuko Ishida enters a news conference as reporters look on in Tokyo October 25, 2007. Ishida will take part in various events to promote the lingerie maker until October 2008. REUTERS

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Japanese comfort women

Fucked Gaijin
"Do you need a moose?" A moose* was a kept girl. Not a street whore, but one who was maintained by a soldier and (supposedly) slept with only him. There were advantages to such a set up. I said, having been several months without female companionship, "Yes, I do." He said that his moose had a girlfriend who needed a Sergeant, and would I like to go meet her that night. I told him that I didn't have a uniform, that what I was wearing was all I had to the world, and he said he would get me a uniform. So less than 24 hours out of Korea, I was in the arms of a pretty Japanese girl, and sipping on Asahi beer. I thought, life ain't all bad. I didn't stay with her long, though, because I was more of a rogue than I was a steady man...

Do you say that is different from comfort women?

Do you remember the former Korean comfort women who fell in love with Kamikaze pilot?
Hey, what is the difference?

Japan used the local agents to recruit the women. In Korea most of the agents were Koreans.
The U.S used the local agents to recruit the women. In Japan the agents were Japanese .
Did the US order Japan to recruit the women. Hell, no. She blackmailed Japan to do so.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Japanese festival in Korea

Speaking of a example that a cooporation between Japan and Korea is greater than it appears, here is a new
article that introduce the Japanese and Korean festival in Souel, Korea.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Filipino comfort woman's lonely protest

When she got to the club, she learned that it was a place of prostitution for GIs. She would even have to service Koreans looking for “2-cha” (i.e., sex). After about a month, she left the club, and drifted from job to job, including a stint at a food product factory, before meeting the GI. The two would live together, and she would have his son.

The soldier would get a US passport for his son, but in the meantime, he left the mother for another Filipina.Hankyore

via Marmot
Explaining her case, she said she wants to make US soldiers realize that they mustn’t have sex with women and leave them without fulfilling their duties. She wants to do this, she said, because many US soldiers are doing just that.

So far, no human right activists who worked for the Korean comfort women under Japanese rule demand apology from the U.S. and Korean governments.

Mr. Robert Koehler, the writer/translater of this article , who vehemently criticised Japan for the similar case during WWⅡ, has made no comment on it so far.
This is a story from Korea.

Impressive video on Chinese people in Japan


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comfort women for UN soldiers.

The UN army registered Korean comfort women.

The UN army had 800 Korean comfort women take a lecture on "culture" and VD.

via 杉野洋明 【 極東亜細亜研究所        ~韓国企業での勤務経験を持つ著者の呟き~

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Korea blocked a Korean Japanese from entering Korea

O Seonhwa, a Korean Japanese, was temporarily blocked from entering Korea at the airport. She was rejected because she was pro-Japanese. She was visiting the funeral for her mother.