Saturday, February 16, 2008

Florida--Metal in Candy imported from China

Lakeland, FL (AHN) - Shards of metal were discovered in about 20 lollipops at a local elementary school in Lakeland, Florida.

The metal, found inside Pokemon valentine lollipops purchased at a Dollar General, was discovered at the Kathleen Elementary School Thursday afternoon.

According to ABC News, the blades were first found by a mother whose child was eating the lollipop discovered the metal inside her child's candy. According to the woman, she bought the candy from the Dollar General Store a week ago.

The candy was turned over to local detectives Wednesday. The metal was found in only one of the entire bag of lollipops.

The additional tainted candies found in the elementary school were discovered the day after.

Dollar General announced Thursday that they have removed all "Pokemon 10 Valentine Cards and Pops" from the store shelves all over the country.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the product was imported from China by Sherwood Brands in Maryland.

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