Saturday, November 10, 2007

The biggest fan of Japanese perverted culture.

We will welcome the fan of Japanese culture.
Marmot hole
This Korean American gentleman seems to be an expert on Japanese pervert culture.
I would like him to tell us what Japanese equivalent of the full salon is.

Update;This blog is honored to be mentioned in The Marmot's hall.
Room Salon, Sexy Bar, Racing Girls, AV Girl, Dae Dal Bang, Yu Ri Bang, I these English words that don’t exist in the English world, but exist in Japan and Korea only…connect the dots

This Korean American expert on Japanese pervert culture says he knows the Japanese equivalents of those term mentioned above .
Now I would like to ask Japanese people if you know them.
Room Salon? ルームサロン????

Room Salon is where Korean people visit, but average people cannot go because it is too expensive. It is similar to Karaoke room but it is bigger and beautiful and the atmosphere is gorgeous;Korea women are waiting for you.

Sexy bar セクシーバー?
「セクシーバー」とは、 アメリカのストリッパーなんかが、 つかまったり脚を絡めたりしてるあのポールだ。
Sex bar is a poll that a stripper wind her legs in American movies.

Racing Girls .....レースクイーン(race queen)?

AV Girl.....AV女優(AV actress)?

Anyway I am sure he must be an expert on the subject in Korea and American culture, and I am also sure, judging from his earnestness on the subject, he will get more accurate knowledge of Japanese pervert culture. Welcome to Japan!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard the term "full salon" used for sex businesses in Japan. It's possible the Korean term "full salon" may have been inspired by ピンクサロン, but no actual sex takes place at ピンクサロン. There's no evidence for this, though.

zero said...

no actual sex takes place at ピンクサロン. There's no evidence for this,

I am not familiar with this kind of insitutuion but I think people probably visit ソープランド to satisfy that need.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Marmot's hole rather than hall?

zero said...

Thanks Anonymous
I've correctted it.

Blogger said...

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