Friday, November 09, 2012


yankdownunder In an effort to aid the Nationalist government of China and to put pressure on Japan, President Franklin Roosevelt in April 1941 authorized the creation of a clandestine "Special Air Unit" consisting of three combat groups equipped with American aircraft and staffed by aviators and technicians to be recruited from the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps for service in China. The 1st American Volunteer Group were recruited starting on 15 April 1941, when an unpublished executive order was signed by President Roosevelt.[2]A total of 100 P-40Bs were obtained from Curtiss-Wright by convincing the British Government to take a later batch of more advanced P-40s in exchange In the fall of 1941, the 2nd American Volunteer Group was equipped with 33 Lockheed Hudson (A-28) and 33 Douglas DB-7 (A-20) bombers originally built for Britain but acquired by the U.S. Army as part of the Lend-Lease program passed earlier in the year. These are wiki sources but seem to be fairly accurate(from checking other sources). I believe this is what happened and for me yes it is a secret war(not all out,,not declared). Maybe you think it was just strong diplomacy or foreign aid or whatever. I guess we should just agree to disagree. Telephone conversation between Roosevelt and his Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. Only Roosevelt's side of the conversation is recorded. The men discuss the growing foreign policy conflict with Japan. - 1940. Reviewer xanax2 says It is rather boring hearing only one side of the conversation and all the uh-huhs, but hearing Roosevelt tell about Japan's conditions for peace (US leaving Guam, Midway, Pearl Harbor...) makes this an important historical "document." All FDR had to do was leave Guam, Midway, Pearl Harbor. It's all his fault.

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