Saturday, August 25, 2012


yankdownunder • 6 hours ago − This website has many interesting videos about Japan. You in Japan. AIR FORCE STORY, THE -- AIR WAR AGAINST JAPAN, 1944-1945 (1953). narration starting around (9.50) is noteworthy ... b29s burned out industrial heart of Japan ... 66 principal cities received their devastating bath of fire until Japan's military situation was hopeless ...they could not have held out ...they lost control of the air there capacity to wage war was destroyed ...the fire raids had even killed much of their fanatical resistance(ie.mass killings of civilians) Our Enemy: The Japanese (1943). Stridently anti-Japanese film that attempts to convey an understanding of Japanese life and philosophy so that the U.S. may more readily defeat its enemy. Depicts the Japanese as "primitive, murderous and fanatical." With many images of 1930s and 1940s Japan, and a portentious and highly negative narration by Joseph C. Grew, former U.S. ambassador to Japan. Why We Fight: Prelude to War. ....the ultimate goal of the Axis powers is to enslave the nations of the "free world," a desire made manifest in the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.... My Japan (1945). This a complex and disturbing anti-Japanese propaganda film produced to spur the sale of U.S. war bonds. The film pretends to be a Japanese film. The Japanese powerful commitment to the war is compared to the "lazy, easy living" American commitment. American successes are denigrated and Japanese losses are minimized. The devotion of the Japanese is compared to the immoral Americans. CONTENT ADVISORY: Explicit racism and extreme violence. 0 •Reply•Share ›

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