Saturday, November 11, 2006



Yi Sunshin



The Origins of the Japanese People

The late Chosun period

Korea/late Chosun period/interpretation

social class in Chosun period

nobi Korean slave before Japanese rule

Mongol and Korean invasion of Japan

Sadae Ideology( Serving the Great) 事大主義

On the road to the annexation

Queen Min

population under Japanese rule

Economy under Japanese rule

landownership-in-korea-under-japanese rule

Culture under Japanese rule

Scenery of Korea under Japanese rule

War collabolatoin under Japanese rule

Korean women under Japanese rule

comfort woman under Japanese rule

Comfort woman before and after Japanese rule

Torture under Japanese rule

Labor conscription under Japanese rule


Massacres of civillians under and after Japanese rule

High status Koreans and pro-Japanese under Japanese rule

Memories of Japanese rule

Apology and reparation for Japanese rule

how history is being used in Korea

how history is seleceted by Korean people

Korean War in Korean history textbook


Tsushima belongs to Japan


Samurai and Saurabi

Instant noodle
Letfist Korean historian's interpetation of Korean war

how history is being used against USA

Freedom of speech in Korea

restrictions on hardcore pornography than developed nations like Japan and the United States,?

under the black umbrella

Utro village

concerning "lies"

Kim ku 金九

The Assassination of D.W. Stephens and the Tonghak leaders, Chon Bong Jun(marmot)

Durham Stevens

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