Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the War on Prostitution in Korea

From The marmot hole
At another debate on eradicating prostitution, this one held yesterday at the National Assembly Library, former prostitutes spoke of the “shocking” conditions under which they had to live, reported the Munhwa Ilbo.

One ex-working girl going by the alias of “Sarang” noted that pimps would pay off high officials with free services and monetary bribes. The woman said the men she had to bribe sexually included police, prosecutors, lawmakers and city officials. She noted, however, that because these men were concerned with their image, they would not go to hotels, but rather conclude their business at their “officetels” (”office” + “hotel”) and the like.

With cops, it was even better. Rather than cracking down on prostitution, they were instead demanding sexual payments. In fact, “Sarang” said she often went on police station picnics in the morning, something that was particularly difficult given how—given the nature of her profession—she’d be up all night working.

Anyway, prostitutes apparently classify 15 acts as “perverted,” including (get your pencils and notepads, children, because this will be on the test):
Demanding a refund while threatening to turn the girls into the cops;
Demanding a refund several times more than what he paid by claiming “psychological damage”;
Burglarizing the girl’s room;
Using violence;
Pissing on the bed, claiming the service wasn’t satisfactory;
Insisting on anal sex;
Sticking strange devices up their vaginas;
Harassing the girls by pretending to be civil servants;
Demanding group sex;
Visiting red light districts looking for “spring chickens”;
Using cell phones to take pictures during sex.

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wjk—You know, of course, Korea has its own proud history of erotic art…

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